Classes We Offer

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Mama and Baby Yoga

A gentle postpartum workout and way to bond with your new baby

Kids Yoga

A calming and fun way for kids to express themselves find balance in their day

Beginning Running

Want to be a dancer? Did you know that running and dancing have a lot in common? Work towards a 5K with us! 

Wines and Rumbas

Do you love wine? Have you always wanted to learn to dance? Would a wine tasting give you the courage to get out on the floor?  This class is for you! We'll explore the rich Spanish and South African history of the Rumba by pairing it with wines from those regions

Youth Acting

Public speaking is a huge life skill and acting builds confidence for kids.  This class is for anyone who wants to act!

Wedding Class

Everything you need for your first dance in a once a week group class.  You'll learn an entrance, exit, turn, and dip to mae yur first dance shine!

Ballroom Kids

A introduction to ballroom dance for kids 6-12.  We'll learn different dances, explore different kinds of music and introduce partner dancing

Kids Gym

Are your kids cooped up in the house this year due to Covid19? Kids Gym is a fun class were we will stretch, play games, and get some energy out.  All ages our welcome!