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Tango tots

Fun time for toddlers to express themselves, burn energy and take charge of the dance floor.  No partner required, this class is all about FUN

Ballroom Basics

A introduction to ballroom, latin, and swin dancing for couples and singles alike.  This class is the perfect place to start

Ballroom and Barre

This class will have you moving, grooving and sweating and the barre will be your partner. We'll take ballroom and latin moves and workout and stretch

Wines and Rumbas

Do you love wine? Have you always wanted to learn to dance? Would a wine tasting give you the courage to get out on the floor?  This class is for you! We'll explore the rich Spanish and South African history of the Rumba by pairing it with wines from those regions

Mama and Baby Ballroom

Have you always wanted to learn to dance? Guess what a baby is a built in dance partner! Wear your baby, hold your baby, either way you will get a workout and have a blast

Mama and Toddler Ballroom

Has your baby graduated into a mobile toddler? This is the perfect class for you two to enjoy together.  You can dance your hearts out, a workout for mom and a way for your toddler to exhaust some energy and explore the world of dance

Ballroom Kids

A introduction to ballroom dance for kids 5-10.  We'll learn different dances, explore different kinds of music and introduce partner dancing

Date Night Ballroom

This class is the perfect reason to get out and learn some sultry dance moves together.  The last session of the month will be a dance with refreshments, appetizers, and optional childcare

Tween and Teen Ballroom

An introduction to partner dancing for tweens and teens, we'll learn ballroom, latin, and swing dancing and cover some turns and lifts too.

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